3rd Semester Undergrade Building Construction
Trae Schwenneker

The scope of this project was to design a materials testing lab on the campus of MSU. The project was to function as an edition to the current EPS building.

In order to complete class requirements the design was carried out through the CD phase as well as performing a energy consumption analysis to calculate the benefit to the client (visible in the pdf set). Our project looks to integrate sustainable strategies into the design. We adapted the design to incorporate a transpired collector as well as geothermal to decrease the required amont on energy to heat the space.

The plan is fairly simple by nature, a large double story area with a concrete floor able to accept heavy machinery bolted to the slab. Two large overhead doors were copied from the existing building to the facade of the new design to allow for ease of loading and unloading materials. The second story consists merely of an office overlooking the testing area with a cat walk around the perimeter for viewing access.