4th Year Fall Studio

Bozeman, MT has fallen susceptible to urban sprawl. It is calculated that within the next 20 years Bozeman will continue to grow at a 3-4% growth rate, resulting in a doubling of population from 40,000 to 80,000 residents.

||The population increase is a result of the outdoor lifestyle that Bozeman has to offer. People move to Bozeman for the sense of place that no other city can offer. However, the growth and urban sprawl compromise the natural environment, eventually resulting in suburbs and dislocation from the outdoors. It’s this connection and ease of access that has made Bozeman a desirable destination in the first place. With three ski resorts within an hour drive, miles of biking trails, and rivers stitching throughout the valley, Bozeman life and the outdoors go hand-in-hand.

||One major contribution to the increase of population is the college. Montana State University has set five enrollment records in the past six years; 2012 being one of those years with 14,153 students (594 more than 2011). This continuation of growth is primarily due to the quality of learning as well as location.

||As the University continues to grow, students are forced to live further from campus, resulting in increased traffic as well as higher CO2 emissions. The site of this design sits at the end of the Galligator trail which provides a direct route to campus via bike or walking during warmer times of the year. For the colder months, a transit hub is programmed into the base of the building.

||The goal of this design is to shift a portion of the student population to function more as producers then just simply consumers. This idea was approached by integrating three ideas: the outdoors, the activity level of students, and energy production. The system functions through the harvesting of potential energy as it transitions to kinetic. The building is equipped with an exterior bicycle ramp from top to bottom. As students bike to their destination, energy is stored in the community bicycles. On return, the elevator is equipped with a bike rack that extracts the stored energy and supplies it to the building.