1st Semester Grad School Studio

TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) was established in 1984 and is devoted to the generation and development of ideas in order to promote positive change in the world around us. The goal of the nonprofit organization is to create a free library of knowledge from the worlds most creative and inspired thinkers. TED is organized into seperate organizations focused on different aspects of the goal, ranging from the local scale to the global.

Due to the companies recent success and expansion throughout the world, the TED staff is outgrowing its recent locations in New York and Vancouver. The proposed site, situated on the north-west edge of the Dallas Arts District in Texas, would establish regional coverage for the innovation and spreading of artistic ideas.

The design proposes a TED headquarters focused around the development and progression of fine art. The program looks to incorporate an administrative portion as well as a community center. The administration piece houses the eight major organizations under TED, while the community center creates a space for the generation and spreading of art through studio spaces and auditoriums. The project focuses on encouraging the transmission of ideas at different scales. This is done by expaning the vertical circulation into smaller collaberation spaces in order to promote community interaction. This intercommunication will provide the necessary medium for ideas to be transmitted through.