KiYay was an exploration in wood working. The goal of the project was to create an economical double drop long board. The boards utilizes 1/8" locally sourced baltic birch plywood. Plywood sheets were chosen in lieu of single sheet veneers due to the ease of acquiring the material and cost.

The press consists of a male and female mold that was CNC'd into MDF. The surfaces of the mold are finished with a thin cork layer to accommodate the aggressive shape of the deck.

In order to press the aggressive shape of the board, each of the 4 sheets must be pre-pressed to avoid cracking the plywood. After the sheets are pre-pressed, they are laid up for pressing with wood glue. After 24 hours, the rough form emerges from the press and is cut to the appropriate shape, finished with stain and lacquer, and gripped with grip tape. Trucks are then mounted onto the deck and it is ready to ride.